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Saturday, January 12, 2013

ALB Dream Fashion

Since I first started in Second Life many moons ago, AnaLee Balut has been one of my favorite designers.  She is also very generous with her group gifts.  Below is some of the things you will find in her store as group gifts and in the nearby village as well, including some inside red hearts scattered through the village.  Be sure to look around in all the shops and in all the corners for group gifts and even wearable demos (and jewelry too)!

Get there now:

Gifts all around

Here are some current good things from Sassy, along with a few other finds:

Outfits:  Group gifts - Sassy -
Jewelry Christmas gifts - Chop Zuey (hurry before they are gone!) -
Hair:  Truth subscribo gift (fatpack) -
Boots:  The Dressing Room Fusion ($100 - includes multiple colors) -

Top - Sassy 55L Thursday (hurry before it's gone!)... this and 60L offering pictured below:

Tunic:  Sassy NI2013 hunt gift (#32) -
Jewelry - miel group gift (colorchange!) -


Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Quickie [Marketplace]

Just a quick post of a few great things I found on Marketplace:

Hair: CaTwA promotion:  99L (other colors are available - just do a search)  -

Outifit:  99L -

And the store of this designer has many other nice, reasonably priced items:

This designer also has a very reasonably priced store on Marketplace:
Jewelry:  Gift at the Energie Club opening.  See blog post below.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Energy Club Gifts!

All kinds of lovely gifts here (must join group - no join fee):

Everything below is available there (except hair and shape):

Thursday, November 8, 2012

$10 L Sale at Dandelion Wine!

This is a shop I stumbled upon and really scored big time!  $10L for almost everything in the store!  I don't know how long the sale will last, so you better get there while you can.  Most of the outfits come with a colorchange HUD, so you can get 5 or more outfits for the price of one!!!  SL was lagging out the HUD so I couldn't get snaps of all the colors, but here is some of what you can find at Dandelion Wine (including the two shapes pictured at the end):

Dandelion Wine is at:

Hair is an A&A dollarbie on Marketplace (petite size is included as well!):